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Facilitating Knowledge Management

We believe that success in development responses lies in capturing, packaging, utilization and dissemination of information, a process aptly referred to as Knowledge Management (KM). Under this flagship, we aspire to promote access to relevant and up-to-date development information that relates to diverse sectors and further compliments by promoting sound and effective use of ICTs.

Research and Documentation

Innovation in development responses, we believe, is a by-product of research and documentation of practices. It is imperative that interventions be informed by other success stories. We thus support and participate in research and documentation on key developmental issues that include HIV and AIDS, agriculture, water & sanitation, food security and sustainable livelihoods to meet the diverse needs of our partners. Our experience is derived from participating in several surveys at both national and regional.


Databases and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)

 Development Data understands the need for stakeholders, especially those involved in social development, to harness information communication technologies in their day-to-day activities. DD has vast knowledge in developing IT policy, IT architecture and software. We also assist our partners in managing data professionally and easily through harnessing ICTs.

Data Management

We develop and manage database systems and data entry templates using SPSS, NVivo, Epi Info, Microsoft Access, Stata, and Excel. Development Data is familiar with the following software packages; Microsoft Access, NVivo, ODK, VB.Net, Visual Studio, C#, Dbase IV, Java, Epi Info, SQL, SPSS, and Excel. We possess vast experience in data capturing, data entry coordination, data quality assurance, data analysis and reporting.

Training on Statistical Packages

We facilitate training on a number of data and information related software such as SPSS, NVivo, ODK, Epi Info and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint) for basic and advanced documentation, presentation and data management.

Gender: We dedicate ourselves to providing an array of information services, educational materials, advocacy training and technical assistance of the highest quality on gender as it relates to developmental issues.

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