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Development Data has conducted several related projects. We are a highly multi-skilled organisation with over 15 years of experience in data collection, analysing both quantitative and qualitative data, producing quality reports and our experience is backed by our outstanding track record acquired through providing services to several prominent organisations.

Evaluation of the Small Town WASH Programme

The Small Town WASH Programme (STWP) is an intervention that was being implemented by UNICEF in conjunction with 14 Urban Local Authorities (ULAs) in Zimbabwe from 2012 to 2019. The STWP consists of three thematic areas, namely: 1) Rehabilitation of water and sewerage work; 2) Hygiene promotion and customer care, and 3) Institutional strengthening. The programme’s integrated approach aimed to improve and strengthen the sustainability of the water and sanitation provision by ULAs and Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) for WASH-related disease prevention and improved engagement between the service providers (ULAs and ZINWA), and town residents through improved customer care. The summative evaluation was commissioned by UNICEF and the Government of Zimbabwe (GoZ) with the purpose of guiding decision making, informing future interventions in the sector in Zimbabwe as well as provide evidence and lessons on UNICEF’s value, strengths and weaknesses in Urban WASH programming.

Client : Unicef

Partner  : Pegasys

Location  : Zimbabwe

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